Bajul Mati Beach

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Bajul Mati Beach

Bajul mati Beach – is one of the wealth owned by our Mother Earth. Beach with coves so beautiful. Beach is called Bajul Mati Beach which means Dead(Mati) Crocodile(Bajul) because this beach consists of several clusters of hills opposite the beach that looks from far like Banjul mati(the crocodiles are dead).

Bajul Mati Beach

Location to the Beach

Bajul mati Beach is one of the proof of natural wealth in Indonesia, especially in Malang Regency. The location is directly adjacent to the ocean off the Indian Ocean, making the characteristic of the southern coast with a powerful wave, and exotic beach scene located in south Malang.

For those of you traveler who wants to camp here is perfect, because the sand beaches that look clean and clean white has not been contaminated garbage. This happens because the beach was still freshly managed in 2011, so reasonable if that beach deserted visitors to enjoy the exotic that Beach Malang Regency, you have to travel more or less 58 km from the city of Malang. Unlike the beaches in other places in general, the access road to the beach is quite comfortable for the riders.

However, the way you are meandering to be careful. The beach in the village Gajah Rejo, District Gedangan. In addition to it, near the beach also offers other beauty is somewhat rare to be an interesting.

 Map to the beach:

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