Bandengan Beach, Jepara

Bandengan Beach Jepara – Is one of the beach tourism destinations located in the north of Jepara regency, Central Java. The beach is located on the north coast of Java is a tourist attraction that has a pretty awesome natural scenery with white sand that stretches wide and the waves are relatively quiet. Bandengan Beach or also known as Tirta Samudera beach is the leading tourism object of Jepara city, every holiday season arrives, this beach is always crowded by tourists, both local and foreign tourists.

In the Area of ​​Coastal Tourism Object Bandengan Jepara, you will be served with a view that is so amazing with a stretch of white sand that stretched together with pandanus trees or shrubs along the coast of Bandengan Beach. This beach has a sloping beach structure and clear and clean water that is not less interesting with the beach located on the island of Bali.

The condition of the beach waves are relatively calm makes Bandengan Beach a beach tourism destination that is fun for swimming or just playing water around the beach, otherwise you will be served with a unique view that is rarely found on any beach, that you can see small fish that swim in the water without having to dive.

In addition to enjoying the surrounding area of ​​Bandengan Beach, you can also visit an island located in the middle of the sea Bandengan beach, the island is the island of Panjang. On this island, you will be presented with beautiful natural scenery with the diversity of flora and fauna. If you want to visit this island, you can rent a boat or boat at a cost that is not too expensive.

Access to Bandengan Beach Jepara
As a famous beach resort in the area of ​​Jepara, access to the location of Bandengan Tourism Object is not too difficult, Jepara District Government has provided various means of road and transportation options to Bandengan Beach. From any city suppose you from the direction of Semarang, Kudus, Demak, Purwodadi, or others just headed to the bus terminal Jepara. From the bus station, you simply ride public transport directly to the Bandengan Beach with a not too expensive.

Facilities Bandengan Beach Attraction
To support the convenience for the visitors of Bandengan Beach Tourist Area, the manager of this beach resort has established various facilities such as lodging cottages, restaurants, MCK facilities, swimming equipment or other equipment to support the activities of visitors.

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This is maps to Bandengan Beach:

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