Banyu Anjlok Beach

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Banyu Anjlok Beach

Banyu Anjlok beach tour is located in Lenggoksono hamlet, Tirtoyudo village, Dampit, Malang regency. Called Banyu Anjlok which in Java means Fall. So named because on this beach there is a waterfall located on the beach. The place is far from the settlement makes the beach is awake its authenticity. If the measured duration of the trip from Malang can reach 3-hour journey wearing motorcycle. If the four-wheeled can be longer 4-5hours. If from the city of Malang you have to take the south direction to the city of Dampit. After meeting you take the direction to Lumajang, after that you will meet Tangsi Tirtoyudo intersection, just take the right direction towards Pujiharjo or Sipelot beach. From here to Lenggoksono beach about 30km more. New from Lenggoksono to Banyu Anjlok beach.

The route is also tortuous and full of challenges. The road condition of Tangsi Tirtoyudo is very smooth asphalt, only the road is very narrow. It is more advisable to use a two-wheel drive through the terrain to this beach.

However, if already experienced with narrow winding streets and climbs and sharp derivatives. Then you may use a four-wheeled vehicle.

Once arrived at the location of the beach Banyu Anjlok then all the difficulties along the way will be paid with a stunning natural scenery. This beach can be categorized as a new tourist rides in the area of ​​southern Malang. But this beach has a uniqueness that is different from the beach beaches in the area of ​​southern Malang. One of them is a waterfall facing the beach with a height of about 7 meters from the ground.

Loacation to the beach

To go to Banyu Anjlok beach you can use sea lane or land route. If the sea line you have to rent a fishing boat fisherman, you will be transported waves are pretty high, then up to Banyu Anjlok about 30 minutes. An experience wading the waves are quite exciting.

From Banyu Anjok you will also be invited to the kletekan bay here you can Snorkeling, the equipment you can rent before boarding the boat. After that, you will be escorted to the beach Bolu-bolu not far from there. The beach is like an uninhabited beach, as very rare people enter this beach. Here there is also a spring that can be used for bathing. On the Bolu-bolu beach, the sand is very white and coral rocks neatly arranged as structured.

Meanwhile, if you decide to Banyu Anjlok by land from the beach Lenggoksono, then you must rent a motorcycle taxi or use the motor through a narrow road adjacent to the ravine. And you can not enjoy snorkeling and visit Bolu-bolu beach.


Here the map to Banyu Anjlok Beach


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