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Pelaga Agro Cotage

Visiting and traveling to the village was so much fun. Enjoy the natural unspoiled nature with green landscape and fresh air. Especially if the village has a certain agriculture can be one of the goals agro.
Since the last few years, tourism villages in Bali began to grow, so began a lot of Bali tour packages are varied. Not only merely the streets in major tourist destinations only. Bali having several art villages and traditional villages. Bali also has a village that becomes an agro-tourism destination, for example, Sibetan Village with its balinese salak.
Now you also need to visit Pelaga Village, a village located at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level (asl), not only offers a cool air but also a green landscape that cools the eyes and provides comfort. You who have been saturated with all the hustle and bustle and city pollution can make this village as a tourist destination to fill your lungs with cleaner air.

Location Pelaga Agro Tours

Sunset Pelaga

 To be able to enjoy agro-tourism in the village located in Petang Subdistrict, Badung, you can stay in one of the cheap hotels in Bali, Bagus Agro Pelaga. This star hotel offers a modern agro-tourism package. Here you can see the treatment of various types of plants, such as flowers, fruits, and vegetables are processed organically, ranging from seeding, planting, maintenance, to plucking. Located in the mountains of Pucak Mayu, this agro-tourism has an area of ​​up to 18 hectares. Uniquely, the irrigation system in this agro is no longer using the Subak system, as is common in Bali. It has used a more modern irrigation system, namely watering drops. This irrigation system is very suitable for gardening because it can manage the amount of water flow more effectively and efficiently. In addition to seeing how to plant, you can also see cattle ranching, goats, fish, and others.

Activity Around Pelaga Agro Tours

In addition, Bagus Agro Pelaga also provides a variety of other interesting activities such as hiking to see the area of ​​plantations and farms, tour with buggy or cycling out of the aggro area. You can also enjoy the promotion of traditional Balinese products, such as making coconut oil, coffee roasting, palm sugar making, or cooking Bali cakes.
Your children can also enjoy the games provided by Bagus Agro Pelaga at the Children Playground. You can also enjoy lunch and dinner with the amazing natural scenery at two restaurants owned by Bagus Agro Pelaga. The restaurant offers Balinese food and Western menus. It is suitable for you to use on your occasions by hiring a private gazebo.
 Besides the agro-tourism offered by Bagus Agro Pelaga, Pelaga Village also has a variety of other crops developed. You could say horticulture in this village is quite complete ranging from coffee, vanilla, corn, and strawberries. In this village is also a place of white pare cultivation and asparagus. Which has a high selling value and useful in treating the disease. No less than 9 banjars in this village cultivate the two plants. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of your vacation day with an excursion in the picturesque village of Pelaga.

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