Best Drone 2017 Selfie Drone

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Best Drone 2017 Selfie Drone

Best drone selfie- In the era of social media is increasingly mushrooming, the desire to always be quick in capturing special moments that may not be more and more becomes a necessity. Although many smartphone manufacturers are developing their camera technology, in fact, many people still want a tool capable of capturing that special moment without the help of others.

This opportunity is what many drone producers have to create selfie drones. Generally, the selfie drone has a shorter flying time if the drone is for the hobbyist. The size is also much smaller until it is loaded grasped and even put into a pocket.

Among the many selfie drones on the market, here is the best selfie drone sequence in 2017.

  • DJI Spark

In the first sequence, of course, filled ‘The New Child’, DJI Spark. Drones that appeared on the market last May was actually able to captivate the heart. Its small design, available in a variety of color choices, and full of sophisticated features make it a champion in its class

Not to mention if paired with DJI Goggles to create a more fantastic flying experience.

With its lightweight, the drone is capable of flying at a max speed of 31 km / h with the duration of flying up to 16 minutes. You also do not need a remote control to be able to control and enable advanced features.

The only minus value that Spark got was that he was unable to record 4K quality video.


  • Hover Camera Passport

Apple’s exclusive production drone that has won the best award at CES 2017 and Reddot award is indeed one of the selfie drones that you can consider. Its unique square shape makes it similar to a flying laptop. One of the pluses because it makes it easier to carry and store than other drones.

The props section of this drone will also not harm because it is hidden and protected with a frame made of carbon fiber. You also do not need permission from the FAA to fly this drone because of its super lightweight.

Drone is capable of recording video with a 4K quality and has a resolution of 13 MP camera. The drone is also capable of flying tracks of people/moving objects thanks to the Follow Mode technology. Equipped with two batteries, this drone is considered capable of flying longer.

However, the less desirable thing of this Hower Camera Passport is the absence of camera settings and files of images and video cannot be directly transferred to the smartphone, must be moved to the computer first.


  • Yuneec Breeze

This drone has quite a lot of interesting features to be called a selfie drone. Flight features owned by Yunec Breeze is exactly the same as that of the Spark: Selfie Mode, Follow Me Mode, Orbit, and others.

The drone is also capable of flying both indoors thanks to its optical and infrared sensors. 13-megapixel resolution camera capable of capturing images with size 4160 x 3120.

Yuneec Breeze can be controlled with applications that connect directly with various social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The minus value of Yuneec Breeze is that this drone has no dreadlocks and although it can record 4K images, it has a much lower quality than the 4K DJI.


  • Xiro Xplorer Mini

This mini-drone is a reddot award winner in 2016. This drone has a foldable arm and can record up to 1080p quality. Xplorer Mini also comes with GPS and GLONASS to stabilize its flight.

The quality of the camera on Xplorer Mini is almost the same as the existing camera on Yuneec Breeze with 13 MP camera resolution. Xplorer Mini can fly with a duration of 15 minutes.


  • Zerotech Dobby

In the final sequence, the best drone  selfie 2017 is occupied by Zerotech Dobby. This drone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Its very light weight makes it easy for you not to register it to the FAA.

The arm of this Dobby can be folded and has a PalmControl feature similar to the one in Spark. Dobby camera is 13 MP resolution and capable of recording video with Full HD 1080p quality. Equipped with GPS and GLONASS, making this drone safer to be controlled.

This unique feature that exists only on Dobby is its Voice Command feature. The drone is placed at the bottom of the best selfie drone 2017 because it can only fly for 9 minutes, its live view is also only 480p, and does not have a system of obstacle sensing

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