Best Drones for Hobbyist 2017

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Best Drones for Hobbyist 2017

Drones for Hobbyist— Drones favored by hobbyists generally are drones that have a professional appearance but at an affordable price. Hobbyists typically choose drones based on the camera’s ability to produce images and videos. Today, many drones are capable of producing 4K quality video, but not many have an affordable price.


  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Advanced


In the first sequence, the best drone for the hobbyist is DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Advanced. This drone ranks first drone best for the hobbyist aside from being able to record video with the 4K quality and resolution of 20 MP camera.

This drone is capable of displaying live video of 1080 full HD with 100 Mbps bitrate. Thats allows you to get more detail in getting the impression. The drone is also equipped with a frequency that can be replaced from 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz. This is suitable for use in places with high wave interference. Sensory sensors that drape the drone also become one of the factors why this drone became the first choice for the hobbyist.

Another factor that determines this rating is that the DJI Phantom 4 Pro / Advanced is capable of flying with a duration of up to 30 minutes.

However, this drone still has some disadvantages among them that sensory sensing sensors owned by Phantom 4 Pro + are only active in beginner and tripod mode only. Also, the use of applications to run Phantom 4 Pro + is limited to the use of GO’s DJI apps only.

  • DJI Mavic Pro

If there is a thing that puts the DJI Mavic Pro one level below Phantom 4 Pro is because the camera angle that is on Mavic is more narrow when compared to the existing camera on Phantom 4 Pro and also its flying performance.

This little drone with this incredible skill turns out the market share of the hobbyist so much. The price is cheaper when compared Phantom 4 Pro became one of the keys why this drone gets more glance.

Technically, DJI Mavic Pro has almost all DJI technology embedded in Phantom 4 Pro. Thanks to OcuSync technology and 3830 mAh battery capacity, the Mavic Pro is capable of flying nearly 7 km at 40 km / h using the Sports Mode.


  • Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

After position 1 and 2 occupied by DJI production drone, in the third position, there is a drone produced by another company, Autel Robotics. Drones named X-Star Premium is capable of flying for 25 minutes, has a 12-megapixel resolution camera, and capable of recording 4K quality video equipped with 3-axis gimbal.

Just like Mavic Pro, X-Star is also equipped with GPS / GLONASS that is able to secure and stabilize the drone when he was flying. X-Star comes with 64GB micro memory card and fast charging capability.

Uniquely the technology that carried Autel is a camera that is on X-Star can be replaced with another camera. At CES 2017, Autel set up a 20MP resolution camera and has a 1-inch CMOS sensor that can be used instead of a camera mounted on X-Star.

Unfortunately, this drone is equipped with less good ability when flying in low light environments. In addition, the absence of live streaming feature makes the hobbyist more direct his eyes to other drones. The drone is also not equipped with obstacle sensing features.


  • GoPro Karma

Competing tightly under the X-Star there is a GoPro production drone, named Karma. There are still many hobbyists who are interested to have this GoPro Karma although they had experienced a recall on their first appearance. Many drone enthusiasts complain that the camera on the revocable DJI production drone becomes a gap for GoPro to fill the hobbyists’ wishes.

GoPro Karma’s camera can be replaced with another cam action produced by GoPro. In addition, if you buy this drone you will immediately get a backpack, remote control that has been equipped with the screen, and dreadlocks that can be released named Karma Grip.

Some things that put GoPro Karma under Mavic Pro is because of the relatively short flight duration. Flight distance is only half that of Mavic Pro. Absence of Follow Me Mode and the obstacle sensing system makes GoPro still less capable of competing.

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