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 Best sunset-Holiday to Bali most comfortable when going to the beach. And it’s incomplete if the holiday to the beach in Bali without witnessing the beauty of the sunset in the afternoon. Because each beach in Bali offers its own uniqueness. Not only romantic witnessed with the couple, but also can be an interesting object for the camera lens travelers. So if you play to the beach in Bali do not go home first. you will regret if you can not see the turn of the sun begin to return to Peradeniya. Well, here are some cool beaches and a favorite tourist when visiting Bali to enjoy the sunset. What beach, directly follow the open trip we make a tour to Bali.

1. Kuta Beach

Sunset Kuta Bali

 As a tourist center in Bali, many hotels, business centers, cafes, as well as entertainment centers are standing in Kuta. But the most popular, of course, Kuta Beach as an icon of Bali tourism. This one beach really popular for watching the sunset. So famous that the tourists call this beach as sunset beach in Bali. A jet of orange will be reflected to make the beach looks orange reddish color. Many tourists take the afternoon to relax here while enjoying the sunset view and capturing it with the camera. While waiting for dusk to arrive usually hang out at the cafe around the beach, surfing, or use the services of tattoos and braids offered by Balinese girls there.

2. Jimbaran Beach


Jimbaran sunset Bali

Whoever says cannot afford to be romantic. Try to come to Jimbaran Beach in the bay of Jimbaran, Jimbaran Village, South Kuta. This beach offers the beauty of the evening sun that is not less beautiful with Kuta Beach. Moreover, the atmosphere is also relatively calm and not as like Kuta Beach. Asiknya again, while waiting for the sunset, travelers can enjoy a variety of grilled seafood processing dish on the beach that held a number of restaurants there. Moreover, the seafood-seafood is served together with a delicious sambal Bali really. Eat more voraciously accompanied by breezy beach breezes and waves. Especially with the accompanying evening sunlight that increasingly provides a romantic atmosphere for travelers and couples to eat.

3. Canggu Beach

Canggu Beach sunset

 Want to find a beach for a honeymoon, what if to Canggu beach in Canggu Village, North Kuta District, Badung regency. The location is also not too far from Kuta Beach and Legian. But it offers a quieter atmosphere so that really fitting for travelers who want romantic fun with couples. Especially when the afternoon. With the sun shining dusk, Canggu Beach look more exotic and romantic. So beautiful to the point that a lot of tourists who do pre-wedding photos here. Most who visit this beach are foreign tourists and the surfers. If foreign tourists already enjoy the beauty of twilight in Canggu, you when travelers?

4. Blue Point Beach

blue point beach

 This one beach is quite hidden place. But this beach has a pretty amazing scenery with complete facilities. The location is in Pecatu Village, South Kuta. Blue Point Beach has an unspoiled natural landscape with its clear blue water. Surrounded by tall cliffs, Blue Point Beach offers stunning beauty enough to enjoy the dusk of shining the whole coast. Especially with the tents on the cliffs are increasingly providing comfort in hunting dusk at Blue Point Beach.

5. Tanah Lot Beach

Tanah Lot sunset

 This one beach is not inferior to Kuta Beach and is famous as one of the best places to see the sunset in Indonesia. Even the popularity also touches up to foreign tourists. As the afternoon sun dries up, not only reflects the orange shine to the clear beach but also displays the beauty and splendor of the silhouette of Tanah Lot Temple as one of Pura Khayangan Jagad. Accompanied by the waves that increasingly add the charm of sunset at Tanah Lot Beach.
So beautiful is not the sunset view travelers are offered beaches in Bali? Eat do not rush to leave before watching the scenery that will conjure you to always vacation in Bali.

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