Bireuen Traditional Snack “Nagasari”

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Bireuen Nagasari-  Beside him, a child sat relaxed. His eyes were alert to the users of the road to the location. That is Nanda, the Nagasari seller and the typical snacks of Bireuen District, Aceh.

The car that we were riding pulled over, coming from the direction of Banda Aceh to Medan. Once in Bireueun City, the car slows down and stops right in front of Nanda. She smiled as she got up from her seat. Welcoming passengers one by one. The younger brother, following the same thing.

“Please choose, Nagasari still exist. It was made this afternoon, “he promised.

Before long, the passenger then asked the size of the cake box that was placed neatly near the Nagasari’s fast storage.

“The price is a pack of Rp 1,000. We provide boxes from 10 packs up to 20 packs per box. However, if you buy in large quantities can also really, “he said.

Yes, one of the city’s icons is fast-paced Nagasari. Not known for sure since when the merchants in the town started selling it.

“It’s been tens of years. Since I was a kid also has my grandmother’s sale, now my grandmother and mother is no longer selling. Those who make it fast, I sell it, “said Nanda.

Within a day, the Nanda family made 1,000 packs of that fast. Wrapped with banana leaves. The amount will be sold out at around 23:00 pm. If it does not run out, said Nanda, then they will go home.

“At least we sold that hour. If not sell well yes go home. But the behavior continues, “he said.

Buyers, continued Nanda, are riders who pass from Medan to Banda Aceh or vice versa. Bireuen residents themselves, only a dozen people buy that fast per day. Along the roadside of the town, all traders provided the lepat.

“Of course we provide yam chips and bananas as well. However, if the chips in Sare, Aceh Besar also has many sellers. Now Nagasari is more promising. We also accept orders in large quantities, “he said.

How to Make Bireuen Nagasari

How to make a traditional cake was relatively easy. This also, according to Nanda that triggered the increasing number of traders of the cake from time to time.

Lepat traditional is a blend of tapioca flour, rice flour, and sugar. Then thawed in coconut milk.

Although traders continue to grow, Nanda remains optimistic to reap profits from the sale of the cake. For him, Nagasari is not just snacks and earnings, but, Nagasari derivatives from generation to generation. Also, most importantly it became characteristic of the region with the nickname “City Juang”.

The taste of this cake is delicious, fat, combined a little sweet sugar plus the nan bananas tasty it. If you cross this city, please stop by and enjoy the taste.

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