DJI Tello, Toy drone from DJI

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DJI Tello Toy Drone

DJI Teloo Drone are caom from the start-up company of China Ryze Tech in collaboration with DJI and Intel recently released the latest mini-toy drone named Tello. Toy mini-drone is a mini plane capable of recording video 360 degrees and you can directly see on your tablet screen.

DJI tello

This drone is devoted to easy, convenient, and safe use for children and adolescents. DJI Tello is rumored to be having this secure flight feature thanks to an Intel vision processing chip and flight stabilization from DJI

DJI tello feacture

Powered by Intel Movidius Myriad 2 VPU, which is used in the DJI drone as an object introduction. This drone is able to respond to Spark’s similar hand movements. This chip is considered to make Tello able to fly more consistent float and land safely in hand. This Toy Drone should be completely safe because it is aimed at children who are just learning to fly a drone.

Dji Tello feature

The onboard camera can record 720 quality video at 30 fps (FOV 82 degrees). This camera has a 5-megapixel resolution capable of producing images measuring 2592 x 1936 pixels. Tello can be controlled by using a smartphone and able to fly for 13 minutes.

This mini-drone has EZ Shot functions including Circle, 360, and Up & Away which will allow you to produce a tidy recording in a single tap of a button.

Toy Mini Drone is designed to fly indoors. The quality of photos and video that is sent to a smartphone was not too good. Also, because its status is a toy, this drone cannot fly too far. Noted, this drone can fly as far as 100 m outside the room.  Still be able to transmit 720p quality video.

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