Gatra Beach

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Gatra Beach Malang

Gatra Beach is a beach with charming scenery inside the administrative territory of Sendang Biru hamlet in Sitiharjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang. In accordance with the village, rules have been agreed & determined that this area serves as a buffer zone with the status of a protected forest.

The beauty of Gatra Beach.

Gatra Beach

Gatra Beach is a beach that can be considered new compared to other beaches in Malang. Seeing from the natural beauty of this Gatra Beach, certainly able as a new choice for spend weekend holiday time with the family.

It is a hidden beach, but its very hygienic beach based on the trash of visitors. This is because it is a beach that is managed using the purpose to maintain sustainability. This coastal management will only give permission to enter Gatra beach only on the visitors who are aware of cleanliness and environmentally sustainable.

And if you find garbage in the coastal area of ​​Gatra, it is almost able to be sure that the garbage was not originally from the visitors of Gatra Beach but derived based on the marine debris from other places stranded on the coastal area of ​​Gatra.

However, if this is valid from the visitors of the beach Gatra, the visitors will receive a firm action based on the beach officer and provide punishment in accordance with the convention and the order that is applied strictly since you enter based on the entry point.

Gatra Beach

Trip To Coast Gatra

If you depart based on the center of Malang Regency, then you need only require when more or less 2 hours traveling when you wear motorized mounts. You can decide to reach the road that also leads to Beach Sendang Biru.

Then inside while in the middle of the journey, there will be a direction that put the news path made towards the Clungup Beach that turns right take the route to Clungup Beach. And from that fork, there is still another direction that tells the direction towards Clungup Beach & you just have to follow the directions along the way.

Upon arriving at the main entrance which is also the entrance to 3 beaches namely Clungup Beach, Gatra Beach, and Tiga Tiga Beach. And according to this primary door to the Gatra beach, you have to travel using a walk as far as 1 km using travel time approximately 15-20 min.

Before coming to the beach Gatra visitors will also pass Clungup Beach, if you have time, then go to visit this Clungup beach, but if when you have quite limited it can be private just headed to the it that is not too far away based on the location of Clungup beach that is relative using walk for about 5 min.


Map to Gatra Beach:

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