Jomblang Cave Gunung Kidul

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Jomblang Cave

Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta, as a karst region keeps hundreds of mysterious caves visited. Of the hundreds of caves, one of the favorite tourist destinations, namely Goa Jomblang, in the Village Pacarejo, District Semanu.

Vertical cave as deep as 60 meters is to be reached from downtown Yogyakarta as far as about 50 km. To get to the location must pass through the rock road approximately 500 meters.

Until their visitors find a small house that can be used to rest. After getting an explanation from the guide, visitors are welcome to choose boots.

When going into the vertical cave, visitors are given a helmet. Visitors are given a single rope technique (SRT) equipment to descend the cave. Some pullers are prepared by the manager so that tourists can go down.

Sensation In The Jomblang Cave

The sensation was hanging over the rope about 3 minutes to go down the base of the cave needed guts. But the feeling of seeing rocks and trees along the journey paid off anxiety. Arriving at the bottom of the cave, two guides are ready to welcome and remove the rope.

At the base of the cave, some trees were millions of years ago on the surface, and because of the geologic process of sinking soil, a number of plants that are not currently found on the surface are at the bottom.

Small trees, small leaves and slightly elongated to date have not been given a name. “The fruit is like a mango, one of which is a small tree called chili because its fruit is like chili,” he said.

Luweng Grubug

After enjoying the base of the Jomblang cave, tourists are invited into the horizontal cave to luweng Grubug. There is a room large enough, during the rainy season the road is somewhat slippery because the clay mixed with water.

But do not worry because the manager has installed the rock for the footing, and lights are used to illuminate the road.

After traveling for about 300 meters, visitors will listen to the swift waters of the underground river. The longer the trip will appear the light was coming from the hole luweng Grubug.

There is a hole from above, which is when sure sunlight comes in, and is often called the ‘Beam of Heaven.’ All visitors capture this rare momentum. When the clouds are not great sunlight in between the hole. But this does not reduce the beauty of the cave.

Water is dripping from the heights and making stalagmites (a collection of calcites dripping from dripping water) beautify the landscape. “Visiting here is far from my shadow, much nicer, and it’s wonderful,” said Etina, a Greek tourist.

Secretary of Tourism Office Gunungkidul Hary Sukmono said, Goa Jomblang is one of 13 sites in Gunungsewu located in Gunungkidul. Governments and managers continually strive to preserve the ecosystem.

International Tourist Destination

“The formation of Jomblang Cave because sinkhole millions of years ago, at this time the ancient plants are still found at the base of the cave,” he said.

Because of this uniqueness, Goa Jomblang included in the nomination of famous tourist destinations in Indonesia. “Gunungkidul that enter there are two namely jomblang and Wediombo beach,” he said.

Hary hopes the two locations are increasingly recognized by tourists both nationally and internationally. “It is expected that tourist visits will increase, not only for the two tourist destinations but also other tourism in Gunungkidul,” he said.

Section Head of Promotion and Information, Tourism Office Gunungkidul Purnomo Sumardamto said as one of the locations visited by many foreign tourists, Goa Jomblang used to attract tourists to other destinations.

To attract foreign tourists, Gunungkidul Tourism Office will continue to intensify promotion through the website. “Here most of the visitors come from abroad, it can be used to introduce other destinations that are not less interesting,” he said.

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