Klatakan Beach

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Another charming beach on the coast of South Malang is worth adding to the waiting list of tourist sites that you must visit. Exotic Klatakan beach located in the village of Sidoasri is not inferior to the row of beaches next to it

Klatakan Beach

This beach is located in Sidoasri Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency. To reach Klatakan Beach, we can take a path through the blue lanes with a winding path, as well as up and down hills. This journey is very challenging. Arriving at a T-junction, we take the direction to the left. Just follow the way, then follow the directions to the village of Sidoasri. After reaching the village, we can ask directly to local residents where this location.

Road to Klatakan Beach

Because the road conditions are rather damaged, then we must always be careful. If to this beach, it is advisable to use two-wheeled vehicles. Because yaa, the road here quite narrow and steep so it is very risky to pass the car. And also the motor must be in top condition. It would be helpful if we bring equipment such as keys to prepare in case of problems with our vehicles.

Klatakan Beach

In addition, on this beach, there is also flyingfox. Where the tourists who visit this beach can try the thrill of gliding using the rope on the rides. There is also a camping ground island that is reserved for those of us who want to camp around Klatakan Beach. Not to forget, there is also a pool of brackish water, and the activity of the river fringe that reaches 1 km long which explores the beautiful scenery around the coast.

Here map to Klatakan Beach:


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