Kusuma Agrowisata, Batu Malang

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Kusuma Agrowisata, Batu Malang

Kusuma Agrowisata—Batu City is a paradise for the traveler and the nature lovers who are in East Java, it is the first has a very amazing tour so many enthusiasts and visitors, so that when the holiday has arrived This Batu is the main place or the most favorite place to in the visit, because here save a variety of tourist tours are very popular ranging from family tours, natural attractions, typical culinary tour of Batu, historical and mystery tours are all complete in this city of Batu, Batu city is also known as the largest tourism city in Indonesia currently .

In addition to the famous tourist attraction that is very charming this city has its own charm so that many tourists from various regions and some even from abroad come to enjoy the charm of nature in this city of Batu, the city of Batu is very familiar with a wide range of uniqueness that also displays various types very challenging types of tours and family tours are all complete here.

One of them is family tourism place that is apple tour of Kusuma AgrowisataBatu which is a unique tour which is in this Batu city, in Kusuma agrowisata is a fruit picking garden place especially Apel fruit, this one tourist is family tourism which is very suitable for you and your family are fond of fruits, this apple picking tour describes as a typical city of Batu whose air is quite cold and famous for its apples.

Kusuma agrowisata is a tourist attraction apple garden Batu Malang East Java and other fruits such as oranges, guava, dragon fruit, strawberries, and vegetable hydroponic-free pesticide directly from the tree. standing on an area of ​​70 hectares with an altitude of ± 1000 MDPL and cool air makes Kusuma Agrowisata become one of the favorite tourist destinations in the city of Batu Malang. in addition to picking fruit directly from the tree, you can also bring it home as by for friends and family at home.

Indeed, this one tour is very favorite in the visitors so that this Agrotourism is always crowded even though it is a normal day, and this fruit picking tour is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Batu, the visitors are mostly teenagers and the family tours to enjoy the fruits typical of this Batu town.

Entrance fee Kusuma Agrowisata 

In addition to being a tourist attraction that is so popular Kusuma Agrowisata is also very very many visitors and one describes the icon of the city of Batu, so this one tourist is always invaded by tourists from various regions in East Java, some even come far away to just enjoy the tour of quotes fruit this one and also down the beauty of Batu city is very popular with the largest tourist attraction in Indonesia.

Indeed the city of Batu is very very rich with natural attractions that are so fascinating natural beauty, not only that the city of Batu is very very suitable in say paradise Indonesia because many fruits that grow here such as one garden tour fruit quotes (Kusuma Agrowisata), because the cold air and the land is very fertile so it does not become this city one of the largest tourist attraction but also spelled the paradise of Indonesia and very complete, cannot be explained by word.

The town of Batu is famous for its cool-aired city, also famous for its very fast tours, one of which is the most famous is the BNS tourist rides that offer tours at night, or the most recent is a fun park predator that offers tours with amazing reptile animals.

For those of you who want to fill your vacation time, do not confuse the city of Batu is a very suitable that can calm and eliminate fatigue and also fun more precisely in Malang apple picking tour is obligatory in this visit but can also play entertained here you can eat free as much as there is a place this one is very suitable to relax and eat the various fruits typical Batu city.

For the entry ticket to the fruit picking tour (Kusuma Agrowisata) is relatively cheap and affordable so you save more on your expenses, this place is open every day at 08.00 close at 17.00 while for the entrance ticket in this peak tour you simply charged Rp 34,000 – 54,000 individuals, and you can eat unlimited fruits unless brought to home for that by putting additional charges back on.

Facilities at Kusuma Agrowisata (fruit picking)

Who does not know about Batu city? , the administrative city which is a former part of the district of Malang Raya is a city with its own attraction. Batu tourism and entertainment venues complete, making the city west of Malang city as a tourist destination for the visitor on weekend also holiday season arrives.

For those of you who visit Batu do not forget to tour Agrowisata apple picking in guaranteed satisfying and very enjoyable because this tour presents a tour that is picking fruit and eat as you can only pay once the entrance ticket and you can enjoy all kinds of fruit in the tourist area, besides this one tour is very good in filling your vacation and your family, because here you can eat any kind fruit variety as much and also play with enjoying the natural scenery in the city of Batu.

Restaurant, which is very important this one facility, for those of you who spend the holiday in this fruit picking trips do not confusion to find a place or restaurant, because here already available by serving the typical menu of Batu city.

Toilets or WC, this one facility is already available, but that needs to be asked is the cleanliness and comfort, in this fruit picking, has a toilet facility that is very safe so that tourists do not need to be confused to find a clean toilet facility in Kusuma Agrowisata is available.

Malang and Batu are one of my family’s goals to eliminate the tired of work routine, friendly weather of many family recreation places and scattered cafes and restaurants make me always miss this city. Usually my goal to Batu to Jatimpark 1, Batu Secreet zoo, and Eco Green Park, but due to boredom and want to find a different atmosphere then our choice fell to Kusuma Agrowisata.

Indeed Kusuma Agrowisata is quite popular nowadays so my family and I want to visit this fruit picking tour, besides enjoying the fruits of your liking here you will enjoy the natural scenery around very very beautiful, and also the cool air feels in the country of Europe, that is wrong one typical of the city of Batu so not only from the area around or even in Indonesia but from overseas also brings to this one city.

For activities on Kusuma Agrowisata tour one of them you can enjoy some kind of fruits typical of Batu Town is as much, and also can down this one tour with various plants such as hydroponics plants and others, besides you can enjoy the scenery around the city of Batu.

In addition to enjoying a variety of fruits you can also play shooting (war game), and also challenging sports like flying fox and many more games that are in Kusuma Agrowisata Batu.

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