Discussing the beaches in Bali is never endless. Each area of ​​Bali has stunning beaches, which are a pity to miss. In the Klungkung area, you are not only invited to tour history but also you can beach trip here. In addition to Kusamba beach that once became the capital of the kingdom of Klungkung.

Lepang beach Bali

Klungkung still has another beach that is not less beautiful, namely Lepang Beach. Lepang beach classified as an unspoiled beach. Not many tourists who visit this beach. Only when this beach school holidays newly hunted by tourists. Yet with its beauty is still a virgin, making this beach unfortunately to be missed.

Like the black sandy Kusamba beach, you will be greeted with black sand when arrived at the beach Lepang. But before arriving at this beach, you will be pampered with views of rice fields are green and also the view of the plantation on both sides of the road. This beach also looks more beautiful with a stunning paddy field background and add to the natural impression of this beach.

Lepang Beach

Location The Lepang beach

The Lepang beach is located in Dusun Lepang, Takmung Village, Banjarangkan District, Klungkung Regency has a curved shape and stretches from West to East. The waves on this beach are big enough, challenging you who have a hobby of surfing. If you can not surf, you can still play water or swim at this beach. You can also walk around the beach, see its beauty thoroughly. With its long coastline, you can ride cycling to get around this beach. You can also sunbathe in the middle of a calm beach atmosphere.

Enjoy the beauty of the beach flanked by high mountains and also see the silhouette of the cluster of Nusa Penida hill which is clearly visible from this beach. At dusk start coming, do not miss to see the sunset view. Capture every beauty of Japanese beach in your camera shots.

 Lepang Beach is now beginning to be seriously managed and used as a place of tourism. This is to improve the economy of the surrounding community who have only worked in rice fields and gardens. With the opening of Japan beach as a place of tourism, people also get additional income by opening food stalls along the beach. Other facilities that also provided this beach is the parking area is wide enough so you do not have to worry to put your vehicle.

The beach is also quite easy to reach because its location is only 6 km from Semarapura city. From Denpasar, you can go to this beach by bypass Ida Bagus Mantara and only cover 45 km distance. A number of signposts make it easier for you to get to this beach. So do not miss to visit the Japanese beach when you visit Klungkung regency.


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