Klatakan Beach

Another charming beach on the coast of South Malang is worth adding to the waiting list of tourist sites that you must visit. Exotic Klatakan beach located in the village of Sidoasri is not inferior to the row of beaches next to it This beach … Continue readingKlatakan Beach

Tamban Beach

Tamban Beach Tamban beach is a beach on the south coast located on the edge of the Indonesian. Ocean is administratively included in the Tambakrejo Hamlet, Sumbermanjing wetan district of Malang Regency. This beach is still one village with blue spray beach and is about … Continue readingTamban Beach

Watu Leter Beach

  Watu Leter Beach Watu Leter Beach, the beach is still beautiful and has not many visitors and has a beautiful beach that is not less beautiful with famous beaches such as Balekambang Beach, Bajul Mati Beach, Sendang Biru Beach and others, this beach has … Continue readingWatu Leter Beach