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Soge beach Pacitan

Soge beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Pacitan Regency, resides in Sidomulyo village, Ngadirojo subdistrict. It can be reached about 60 minutes from the city and along the way to the beach, we will pass “Jalur Lintas Selatan” road. Jalur Lintas Selatan is the connecting road start from Banyuwangi, Jember, Malang, Blitar, Tulungagung, Trenggalek and Pacitan. The scenery around the way is beautiful there is a vast green hills landscape.

Soge Beach

Beach View

If we had come near to the beach, there is a vast blue sea. We do not need to go far away from the road because Soge beach is on the roadside. This beach is very recommended because it is very easy to be reached, this beach is very long and wide so you can walk around in every corner of the beach to enjoy a wonderful view. Even though we can enjoy the panorama from the roadside, but it is not complete if we do not get closer to the sea.

Beach is the best place to relax in the middle of the hustle bustle. Sitting on the white sand and looking at open sea while listening to a sound of waves. At the nights this beach enlivened by fishing boats looking for fish, the only visible thing is the lights of ships that twinkled like stars on the sea, it is very beautiful.

Explorer Beach

Soge Beach

There are many beaches where located close like Watu Bale beach, Pidakan beach, Puring beach, Siwil beach and Taman beach. So we can explore several beaches at one time, make our holiday more enjoyable. Soge beach will be crowded on the weekend.  So, if you want a quiet atmosphere, you should go there during the weekday. 


Here the map to Soge Beach:

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