Tamban Beach

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Tamban Beach

Tamban beach is a beach on the south coast located on the edge of the Indonesian. Ocean is administratively included in the Tambakrejo Hamlet, Sumbermanjing wetan district of Malang Regency.

This beach is still one village with blue spray beach and is about 65 km from Malang city. When using a motor vehicle, this beach can be reached within approximately 2 hours of travel. if from Sendangbiru to Tamban Beach only takes about 30 minutes. Although it is in one village, the direction of the road must rotate quite far about 10 kilometers. If from the city of Malang can go through the road to Sendangbiru Beach, about 5 km before Sendangbiru visitors can turn to the left to go to Tamban Beach. At the intersection, there is a green direction reading Tamban Beach. Some of the roads have been paved, and others have been cast. Most of the roads are flat and there are only occasional climbs.

Beach tour in Malang

The charm of the southern coast of the Malang city is endlessly lined beaches that serve the beauty of white sand and unique natural scenery that can make the treveller curious, no wonder if the holiday arrives this city became the destination of many tourists from out of town who spend his time off at several destinations in unfortunate city, like in clungup beach which is the charm of its beauty is still very natural, chinese cave beach that has a uniqueness that is able to attract its visitors.

This time admin will share information of other coastal tour which also many in enjoyment of the tourists is coastal tamban, this beach is also still very natural and has a beauty that is not less indulgent, beautiful white sand and gentle will spoil your footing while walking along the shore of the tamban, the clear blue water of the sea is equipped with a view of towering cliffs and the soothing green trees will welcome the view n you while on the beach. many things you can do on this beach and the following admin information about the charm, exciting activity, and price of admission coast tamban Malang.

Visitor activity at Tamban Beach Malang

Not only relaxing on the white sand and spoiling the beautiful panoramic sea view on this beach. You can also do fishing activities, snorkeling and surfing and of course for the equipment you can find in the coastal area of ‚Äč‚Äčtamban.

Tamban Beach Tickets & Facilities

Tamban Beach is one of Malang Beach with complete facilities. If hungry, around the beach has available food stalls that are usually complete with showers and toilets. Visitors can enjoy the menu of grilled fish or prefer to buy fresh fish at a cheaper price. Meanwhile, there is also a large parking area.


Here the map to Tamban Beach:

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