The DJI Mavic Air

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The New DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air adds a long list of drones made by DJI thrown into the market.

The latest drone that is about the size of this phone at a glance is almost similar to DJI Spark. The difference is more in flexibility because it can be folded.

But when viewed from the top, Mavic Air is similar to Mavic Pro in a more flat version.
from sector specification, Mavic Air is closer to Mavic Pro, even in some parts, there is better.

PArt of dji mavic air

Call it using a 1 / 2.3-inch sensor capable of recording 4k video at 24 to 30 frames per second.

The sensor is 12 megapixel with 24 mm wide and with f / 2.8.

Then capable of flying up to 42 miles per hour under normal circumstances. But if in a situation of high winds make it can only fly 22 miles per hour.

The flight duration is about 21 minutes or five minutes longer than Spark, but six minutes shorter than Mavic Pro.

In terms of design, Mavic Air has a new ventilation that works to remove heat. There is a 3-axis dummy case that keeps the flight smooth.
Pilot drones are also made comfortable in flying Mavic Air because it has been provided obstacle-avoidance avoidance obstacle software.

In matters of shooting, Mavic Air provides 32-megapixel panorama mode and small planetary model.

One more thing, Mavic Air is the first drone of the DJI is equipped with 8 GB of internal storage capacity. As a result, all photos and videos can be directly stored in the internal memory while flying.

About the price? Reportedly in Spark and Mavic Pro range, sure in the range of less than 800 USD

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