The Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast, Australian

The Gold Coast is renowned as a marine tourism destination for Australian locals.

Gold Coast

In winter, people flock to Australia to visit the Gold Coast.

The reason, the city is located in the state of Brisbane is famous for its warm climate and tourism that developed since the past.

The Gold Coast’s record of the tallest building in Australia, Q1 mentions if the Gold Coast name first appeared in 1940.

Gold Coast Name

At that time a journalist from Brisbane called the Southern part of Brisbane called “the Gold Coast,” because after the housing was in the area is very sold in the market.

Until finally in 1958, The South Coast Town Council adopted the name of it, and in 1959, the area is legitimately called the city.

Gold Coast itself is famous for a district that became the destination of surfers, “Surfer Paradise.”

The name Surfer Paradise was adopted from a hotel name opened in 1925. The James’ Jim’Cavill building, named Surfers Paradise Hotel, has 16 bedrooms and is a public accommodation for tourists.

The name of the Surfer Paradise district itself was originally Elston. Until 1933, finally changed to Surfer Paradise.

Over the course of time, this district remains the busiest tourist area on it. Beach with big rolling waves directly into the Pacific Ocean is the main attraction of Surfer Paradise.

To visit here is not difficult. Take the flight to Brisbane. From Jakarta there is no direct flight to Brisbane.

The most accessible route is to take a flight from Jakarta to Sydney which takes a seven-hour plane, then from Sydney use a local trip to the airport at Goldcoast, which is Coolangatta with an hourly flight of 1 hour 20 minutes.

From Coolangatta airport to Surfer Paradise takes 30 minutes.

The best season to visit the Gold Coast is from April to early July, and August to October. At that time temperatures in Queensland tend to be friendly to Indonesians who do not like too hot temperatures.

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