Tips for photograph using drone

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Tips Photograph Using Drone

When I saw a photograph of a flying bird and did many activities above the sky and recorded the details, what it did was incredible, Drone was the first initiative to be done for shooting from the top right in our head. but I will share some ways to do video capture using drones.

  1. Speed ​​and vibration settings

Dorne photograph use a low maximum slope angle, about 15 ° max. This will allow you to make smoother movements, especially when performing activities. Drones will be slower and easier to pilot. The key in the aerial video is not sped but smoothness. The lower the speed, the greater the video will be a good recording.

Use slow maximum rotation speed, for example around 50 ° / sec maximum. Just as with the slope angle, slow speed of rotation will help you to change much more smoothly and without the shadow movement of the recording, and is a real plus activity for panoramic shots or lateral and orbital travelings.

In photography, supports DNG images. DNG shot has a high resolution of 14Mpx and allows you to edit them later if you want. For more info on how this mode is, check out the more professional tutorials.

In addition to settings, for optimal results in video mode, always use perfect, non-damaged propellers and always check that the lens is clean. You can clean the lens using a soft cloth.

  1. Plotting

As we said before, Make sure the drone possesses support slow and smooth movement, when you are shooting with your drones is very important. when it will avoid rapid and sudden movement, better start slowly than too soon.

It does not fly too fast, because with any camera, the sooner you go, the lower the quality of the recorded video. This will be influential when the drone flies by a little fast, but it’s all about finding a middle ground for a scene you want to catch and depending on the flying conditions (wind etc …), also the drone type.

Take your time, do not rush to record a certain topic film, do not hesitate to make some shots to maintain the best quality.

In order to optimize the exposure of this scene, can adjust the camera orientation. For example, in a dark scene, tilting the camera to the ground will increase exposure and create a bright scene.

  1. Weather Conditions

some meteorological conditions that do not stop the drone to fly, but which are not suitable for aerial videos. If you want the best results in a video or photo, I suggest to avoid the situation thesis:

Avoiding flying with strong winds (especially Photography and video record)

Avoid flying at very low temperatures (especially Photography and video record)

Avoid flying if the light is very low (when night comes, when it’s very cloudy or around rain etc …)

Always support clear, sunny and calm weather.

In terms of Lighting, the best and most beautiful lights dawn and dusk. The light on the current thesis is warmer and throws more shadows that provide perspective for the video. A daylight will be too bright and will tend to flatten perspective.

In order to check easily if the weather is good to fly or not More often to find out in weather forecasts or other GPS.

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