Tips to Extend Battery Life.

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Tips to Extend Battery Life–Put-Drone or unmanned aircraft that function to take video and photos, nowadays has grown a lot. However, there is one important thing from the drones that are difficult to experience improvement, namely battery life. The strongest drone battery can last for 30 minutes and is still not considered long enough.

Here are 6 tips to extend battery life.

  • Camera

It’s nice that you can attach a camera for quadcopter in flight recording activities, but if it is in the use of drones for aerial photography or videography, give recommended battery and camera power.

Gimbal DJI Camera

Not only the machine, when the camera is on the drone will increase the load of unmanned aircraft owned, this action drains battery life at a much faster speed. The extra weight of the camera makes it harder for the quadcopter to fly and requires power to use more power to offset the additional load. use the recommendation camera from the drone output factory purchased.

  • Select battery with High mAh / Upgrade

Most quadcopters are equipped with mid-range batteries that really do not offer too long flight time. If you really want to add flight time, the drone must be upgraded to a battery with a higher mAh. Check the drone machine specifications for the maximum mAh of the drone model to avoid battery power charge.

Batrei drone

Keep in mind that a higher mAh will only be useful for a certain point. The larger the battery, the heavier it will be. If the battery is too heavy, the additional load will only negate the extra power. Just keep the battery weight in mind when choosing an upgrade.

  • Experiment with Propeller Size / Propeller

Quad Copter

The size of your propeller can have an effect on the amount of power used. When the drone device has been added to the camera equipment, the use of the propeller is an option that must be changed by replacing it with larger blades in order for the flight to be stable, – more preferably with the use of factory recommendations because the way the propeller works can waste battery life.

  • Fly in Safe Condition

Flying in the right conditions is also important. If the drone flies outside even though the drones that are owned are ready for the weather, as much as possible to avoid flying during windy or rainy conditions. Wind will make it harder for the drones to change, hover and remain stable, this act will drain more power from the battery than normal usage.

Ideally, when you want to fly with a quadcopter, during the time with the wind and the most light. This will allow the use of batteries by absorbing maximum power from your battery.

  • Charging Power trick, 40-80 Rule

Things have changed, and if you use lithium-ion batteries to power your quadcopter, you can actually shorten its life by draining the battery completely.

The lithium-flat battery can be fully charged and dried between 300 and 500 times before it needs to be replaced.

draining the battery, making it weak and battery life continues to decrease. You can easily extend the overall life of the battery. How easy it is to fill it only halfway, or between 40 and 80 percent. As a general rule,

Temperature can also have an effect on battery life. Charging your battery in that space 100 degrees F can actually reduce the battery capacity by 35%.

  • Charge at the Right Time

Do you have a habit of charging the battery, before the drone is planned to fly, If so, inadvertently the action has shortened the battery life. Ideally, charge your battery only a few hours before you plan to use quadcopter. The refill will lose a percentage of several hours from the first point of charging even though it does not start the engine.

Charging Batrey

These tips can help you get more flying time from any power spent in vain. keep carrying a battery backup if necessary. for example, when the first battery is used, the battery charger is backed up before the second battery is ready for use.

# Change of fuel cell usage

Intelligent Energy says the drones that are able to fly for hours using hydrogen fuel cells are usually used for certain purposes. There are such as search and rescue of accident victims or disasters, aerial photography, and means of packing. Hydrogen fuel cells are certainly not cheap. Intelligent Energy hopes the increasingly developed drone technology will make it cheaper and reachable to consumers.

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