Travel to Bangsring, from “Snorkeling” to Swimming with Shark Children

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Travel to Bangsring, from “Snorkeling” to Swimming with Shark Children

One of the tourist destinations in Banyuwangi for sea world lovver   is Bangsring Under Water located in Krajan Hamlet, Bangsring Village, Wongsorejo Subdistrict which is about 27 kilometers from Banyuwangi city to the north.

Tourists can enjoy marine tourism such as floating homes, snorkeling, diving. They also can swimming with sharks and feeding the wild fish in the Bali Strait. While snorkeling, tourists can enjoy the exotic scenery under the sea. The sea is filled with coral reefs, soft coral colonies, and various ornamental fish. The view can already be enjoyed at a depth of 50 centimeters.

Bangsring under water

No fees are drawn to tourists going to Bangsring Beach. Tourists will only pay the cost of snorkeling equipment rental at a very affordable cost. Also, tourists can also swim with a shark child in a floating cage. There are about five shark puppies currently being treated by Bangsring Beach fishermen. They are often used as a test for swimming guts with shark puppies by the visitors.

Swimming with Shark in Bangsring

“Initially the shark puppies were accidentally netted by fishermen because of the injuries we finally put them in the floating cages,” said Ikhwan Arief, Chairman of the Fisherman Group of Bangsring Samudra Bakti to KompasTravel on Sunday (21). / 6/2015).

Shark in the bangsring

In addition to snorkeling and swimming together with shark puppie. Tourists also can enjoy the sensation of eating wild fish around the house floating. Enough with the bread crumbs thrown in the sea, then dozens of fish of various kinds immediately come scrambling.

If you want to be different, then you can pin the bread between the toes and dipped into the sea. “Geli also but this is extraordinary, the fish when in the high seas but very tame”. Said Budiharti, tourists from Jember met KompasTravel in floating house Bangsring Beach.


How to go to Bangsring

To go to the house floating, tourists can use the boat by paying Rp 10,000. “Safe because if tourists want to swim with sharks or even fish to swim while feeding the fish will still be supervised by guides from fishermen Bangsring,” said Ikhwan. Most of these fishermen are ornamental fish fishermen who catch fish using potassium and bombs that damage coral reefs that are around The Beach.

“Fishing using danger chemical and bombs is done for generations for decades, so the condition of the waters around here is severely damaged.We ornamental fish fishermen have to look for fish out of here because of the effects of catching the use of potassium and bombs,” Ikhwan Arief.

Until finally he took the initiative to invite the fishermen to catch fish in an environmentally friendly way. He also repair damaged coral reefs by making fish apartments and transplantation of coral reefs.

Conservation Of Bangsring

“Logically we think if the house is healthy then the inhabitants will be plenty. So good coral reefs then the fish will come a lot because, in addition to the fish house, coral reefs are also used for laying fish.So suppose we destroyers who later repent and help rescue reefs corals that have been destroyed, “he explained.

Bangsring beach

The struggle of Bangsring Beach fishermen since 2008 finally paid off. Coral reefs began to flourish in areas that have become conservation areas. Visitors began to arrive to enjoy the beauty of the underwater panorama in the Bali Strait. Included also when the group of fishermen gets help in the form of floating houses. They serve as a means of learning to love the marine environment.

“Here you also create marine education for students, students or tourists who come here, we invite clean beaches, cultivate sea fires, or coral reef transplants. We also provide an explanation about the function of coral reefs We invite tourists to play a role as well as directly. We believe that if we take care of the marine sustainability then the sea will also give more to us, one of them is natural potency in it, “added Ikhwan.

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