Watu Leter Beach

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Watu Leter Beach

Watu Leter Beach, the beach is still beautiful and has not many visitors and has a beautiful beach that is not less beautiful with famous beaches such as Balekambang Beach, Bajul Mati Beach, Sendang Biru Beach and others, this beach has a pretty good view and unfortunately if not included in your list of the holiday.

Watu Leter has a resemblance to the atmosphere on the coast of Goa China but this place is different atmosphere quieter. So it looks more clean, comfortable and quiet, with wave waves that are calm enough so that tourists can play water, Watu Leter Beach has sea water is very clear and somewhat cool in comparison with the one in Goa beach China.

Entrance to the Watu leter beach tour

To get into this place is quite easy with only pay Rp. 5000 / person can enter this Watu Leter Beach while for car care only in charge of Rp 5000 / vehicle to enjoy the beauty of Watu Leter Beach only one day, but when we want to camp for its contribution is Rp. 8000 / night and parking Rp. 10000 / night. Watu Leter beach was inaugurated in January 2016. Although only a matter of months, Watu Leter Beach is already quite popular among the public. There are many visitors every day, already lined stalls, places of worship, and toilets. The number of visitors does not diminish the beauty of Watu Leter Beach. Watu Leter beach presents beauty as far as the eye can see.

Route and beach tour location Watuleter

Watu Leter beach location Malang is located in Rowotrate Village, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java. If you are from outside of Malang city, you can travel by plane with airport destination Abdul Rachman Saleh. Distance from the city of Malang to the Beach of South Malang about 60 km and can be reached about 3 hours by motor vehicle.

You can take south to Sumbermajing Wetan and towards Sedangbiru Beach. To reach the Beach you have to go through China’s Goa Beach first and on the way, you can enjoy the southern mountains and the winding streets. Also visible also the expanse of rice fields that will spoil the eyes and as a separator highway with hills.

The road accent to Watu Later is quite difficult with a narrow road and the car cannot get past it. Usually, tourists have to go through mangrove forests, rocky roads and sharp and tall grassy roads. Then you arrive at Watu Leter Beach, but to reach the beach you have to get off the 1.5-meter mound and then walk to Watu Later Beach.

Alternative roads can pass through China’s cave and the roads are not as difficult as previous roads. If you’ve reached Goa China, you can continue the journey by walking as far as 100 meters. The path that takes the form of a path, the time it takes about 25 minutes and you will arrive at Watu Later Beach.

.Here the map to Watu Leter Beach:

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